Yes, we changed our name!

Yes, we changed our name! Some of you might already have noticed some changes during the past week, but today the website was entirely updated! You know us as ‘Antique Tile Shop’, which was a perfectly fine name for what our website actually is (or was). What many of you probably do not know is that the website started as a ‘side project’ at first, as our real life shop/warehouse had always been operating ‘offline’ and was still doing well. The website was developed to explore online opportunities and basically to find out whether there were plenty of people interested in antique Dutch tiles outside the Netherlands. Well, I think you already know the answer to that question..!

The website got tweaked and improved significantly during the past years and more and more customers found their way to us online. It has become a very important part of our company and therefore a rather generic name as ‘Antique Tile Shop’ is no longer the right name. ‘Regts – Antique Tiles’ is! We are a true family business; small and specialized. We want our clients to know who they are working with and we want them to choose for what we stand for; knowledge, possiblities and quality. The name change contributes to that!

This is the first step of many new exciting things that are going to be introduced the coming months. We will keep you posted!