Time to expand our online stock

We are all facing the difficulties of the corona virus spreading across the globe. It is no different in the Netherlands. Schools, restaurants, bars and most shops are closed. It is a necessity to get control of this devastating virus. Our support goes out to everyone dealing with this threat. It is a challenge we have to overcome together, but we have no doubt that the world will be succesful.

Reality for us is that we have to run our company as much as possible. At the moment (March 19th) carriers as FedEx, DHL and PostNL still fully operate, making it able for us to ship tiles. As most of our clients make purchases based on photos provided by us or shown on our website, we are able to process orders.

Due to the shop being closed for visitors, we have more time to photograph our tiles and to publish them on our website. We started earlier this week with adding many new collectibles and murals. We also plan on publishing many types of ‘wall tiles’ that can be used for tile installations. If there are purchases you would like to make but you are in doubt whether delivering them to you is going to be difficult, always feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. It is for instance no problem to hold tiles until you give us the green light to ship them. Preparations for tile installations can also be made and we gladly provide you with information required to make plans.

Last, but not least. We use our Instagram and Facebook channels a lot to share new additions and background information on specific items. It might be interesting and entertaining to follow us on one of these channels. Hopefully it provides some distraction during these crazy times.

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We wish you good health and look forward to welcoming you again.

Durk Regts
Regts – Antique Tiles