Six exhibitions on Delft tiles in northern France

The production of Delft tiles in the Netherlands also inspired neighbouring countries, such as Germany, the UK ,Belgium and of course France. Due to the neverending enthusiasm for tiles, six museums in northern France are running exhibitions since last week with a focus on Delft tiles, but also fabrications from Italy, Persia, Turkey, Spain and Belgium. The six museums have gathered very rare tiles from private collectors in the Netherlands and Belgium. Tiles of our collection are on display in the museum of Saint-Omer; Le Musée de l’hôtel Sandelin.

Each exhibition shines light on different aspects of the tiles. Some focus more on the production, while others try to show examples of engravings and paintings that eventually led to the depicted scenes on specific tiles. More information about the exhibitions, the participating museums and opening hours can be found here: https://delft-desvres.fr/