Renovated gallery expected to be ready in December 2018

As you may have heard, we are renovating our gallery in the Dutch city of Franeker. It will be our official headquarters with ten thousands of antique Delft tiles on display. The 250m2 building was built as the pressroom of the local newspaper, but it has already been used by us to store our antique Delft tiles since the late 90’s.

The gallery will be located in the historic center of the Dutch city of Franeker. Franeker has a very rich history, as it was home to the second university of the Netherlands (founded at the end of the 16th century) and is still home to the oldest still accurately working Planetarium in the world.

We expect to open the doors to our renovated gallery in December 2018. If you are planning to visit us, it might be good to know that the city is only on a 1hr 30 min drive from Schiphol (AMS) International Airport. We gladly introduce you to the world of antique Delft tiles!