How we pack our fragile Delft tiles

Buying fragile antique Delft tiles on the internet is probably not the first thought that crosses your mind when looking for them. That is completely understandable. Many enthusiasts and collectors want to hold and feel the antique tile before they purchase it and if it has to be moved, they rather take care of it themselves. But if you live in Japan, the United States or any other country, a trip to a dealer of antique Delft tiles in the Netherlands is not always a possibility.

We were aware of this challenge when we started selling our antique tiles online. As we were not able to let you hold or feel the tile, we knew we had to provide our online visitors the best possible photos and detailed desciptions. There should not be any doubt in knowing what to expect once the tile arrives. Additionally, we knew we had to pack very well to make sure that the trust that our clients had given us by purchasing the tile online was not broken.

We already knew how to pack from the start, but of course have improved these skills during the past years. To show you all the different steps of how our Delft tile collectibles are being packed, we have made a short video of this process. It shows you the triple layered cardboard box, the cardboard protective layers, the packing peanuts and of course the very important ‘fragile’ tape!

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