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Antique Delft border tiles

The Dutch tile industry started around 1580 and ended around 1900 due to the introduction of the machine made tile. Border tiles were fabricated and used in installations during this entire time period, but they are fairly unknown. The oldest known border tiles really date from around 1580 and are true collectibles. They are often polychrome and richly decorated. Most of them depict a repeating scene with garlands or ornaments, but some of them depict unique scenes such as a hunter and his dog chasing animals.

Although border tiles were already used on quite a significant scale during the 17th century, they became almost part of each installation during the 18th and 19th century. The tiles that were fabricated during these two centuries are the ones we have mainly in stock and which are available in larger quantities, which makes them interesting to use for tiling projects. The past weeks we photographed 17 different types which have all been published on our website. They add a completely new range of possibilities for tile installations, whether it is a restoration or modern interior design project.

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Of course, we also added many new collectibles to our website and a richly decorated polychrome flower vase on 24 tiles. The coming weeks photographs of our gallery will be published of which we will inform you through our newsletter. We also expect to launch a very exiting new feature in November.

Thank you for reading! Always feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our tiles or our services.

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Latest additions

Horse riding, c. 1760

A lovely 18th century child’s play tile.

Owl, c. 1650

A beautiful mid 17th century Delft tile with an owl.

Cat, c. 1760

A playful cat on this 18th century Delft tile.

Cupid on whale, c. 1640

A rare 17th century Delft tile depicting Cupid on a whale with a burning torch.

Tulips, c. 1630

A colourful early 17th century Delft tile with three tulips. Made during the Tulip Mania.

Matthew 21 verse 12, c. 1750

An 18th century Biblical tile depicting the moment Jesus expels the merchants from the temple.

Flower vase, early 19th century

This is a beautiful and richly decorated flower vase that was made in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The scene is depicted on 24 tiles, which is one of the largest available sizes for Dutch tile murals during the 18th and 19th century. The putti are playing a game of ‘blind man’s buff’.

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